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The Centre for Experiential Learning comprises a group of therapists, counsellors and coaches from different backgrounds with extensive knowledge, skills and experience in, as well as a common interest in, the field of Counselling & Psychotherapy, as well as the philosophy and phenomenology of healing practices and contemplative experience.  

Our work is based on humanities, health science and contemplative techniques with the purpose of developing, through guidance and support, an experiential way of conscious awakening and awareness in every area of life.

Our services are delivered by means of in-person private consultations, on-line client/therapist sessions, retreats, workshops or experiential courses.

Our Aim

To foster in individuals, and in society, the skills, knowledge, attitudes and approaches that enhance the capacity and potential for living.

Our Approach

  • Participants will have opportunities to learn techniques that increase their well-being and awareness, which will enable them to act more consciously, in order to optimise their intra-and interpersonal communication skills and work related practices;


  • Individuals will be supported in learning to expand their worldview so that they can reconnect with their own creativity, intelligence and spirit, within a safe and conducive space;


  • Programmes are delivered in a learner-centred manner, which is experience-based, problem orientated and collaborative, as well as experiential, and very much in the spirit of humanistic approaches to learning and education;


  • Classes, workshops and study groups will focus on validated therapeutic interventions and the work of theorists and contemplative masters, in order to enrich intellectual understanding and experiential knowledge of these disciplines.


At the Centre for Experiential Learning, our team of professional, qualified and experienced counsellors, therapists, tutors and coaches provide a range of courses and workshops for individuals and general public, as well as professionals working in the sector, as well as directly helping and supporting clients with a range of issues and concerns as outlined below. 

Founder & Lead Counsellor / Trainer

Christine Beekman

Christine has over 30 years’ experience using counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and alternative therapies and is the founder and lead Counsellor/Trainer of the Centre for Experiential Learning.
She holds a Masters Degree in Psychoanalysis in addition to professional qualifications in a wide range of therapeutic modalities. She is a recognised trainer for the Focusing Institute (USA) and holds degrees in Metaphysical Counselling and Business Studies.
Christine is an accredited member of the Association of Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists (APCP), the Association of Registered Complementary Health Therapists of Ireland (ARCHTI) and the Association of Metaphysical Ministry and a senior lecturer and programme director in the Irish College of Humanities & Applied Sciences (ICHAS).

Reach Out to Us Today to Discuss How We Can Help

Feel free to contact us in confidence at any stage to discuss your personal requirements or to enquire about
our 1-to-1 private consultations, workshops or training courses.