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Couple Counselling

Relationship counselling provides a safe space for clients to discuss any issues that may have arisen in their relationships. The therapist will seek to understand the initial problems the couple may be experiencing, with the purpose of identifying and overcoming specific obstacles that may interfere with a healthy relationship.

Therapy may provide an opportunity to better understand family background and personal history that may have an impact on relationships today. Following an initial assessment, the therapist will discuss the therapeutic goals as well as the most suitable approaches or ways of working together. These are agreed on by both the therapist and the clients.
The couple will attend the sessions together, either in person or on-line and may, at times, be asked, to attend a separate individual session to assess personal history and particular needs so that a treatment plan can be further developed. A range of therapeutic modalities, deemed suitable for couple counselling, can be used, which will be explained and discussed with the couple and mutually agreed on. Couple counsellors are experienced in working with different kind of relationships.
The first meeting will be an information-gathering session, including some history taking, setting of boundaries, consent to treatment and relevant policies and procedures in relation to confidentiality and adherence to GDPR.  Both parties will have the opportunity to talk freely in an open and respectful manner, in a safe, active and non-judgemental environment. Psychoeducation will also be provided in relation to improving communication between the partners. We offer couple counselling sessions, which last about one to one and a half hours, at a cost of €60 per session. Discounts are offered for people that are unemployed.

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