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Group Therapy

Group therapy may be beneficial, either on its own, or as an addition to individual therapy. There are different types of groups, which may have different purposes. Some may focus on a particular issue, such as anxiety, depression or substance use. Others may focus on strengthening skills like assertiveness or act as a support network for individuals with mental health difficulties.

Others may focus on self-help strategies or address specific problems, such as anger-management or assertiveness skills, whereas psychoeducational groups may focus on learning new skills and are generally of a more didactic nature. Support groups are mainly led by peers who may have experienced similar issues. Some groups will be classified as a closed group, where members start at the same time and which generally have a duration of about 6 weeks.
Open groups may see members joining any time throughout the programme, as can be seen, for example, in spiritual discussion groups. Confidentiality is essential when joining any kind of group, so mutually agreed ground-rules would be of the utmost importance.
Group therapy is generally less expensive than individual therapy and the cost will depend on the number of participants. Maximum number of participants is generally set at 15. This number may be less, depending on the nature of the topic.

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