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Online Therapy

Online therapy, sometimes called Virtual therapy, Online counselling or E-therapy, involves meeting people over the internet. Sessions can take place through live video chat or video-conferencing, instant messaging app, email, or over the phone. This type of therapy is useful in providing support for issues such as bereavement, life changes and everyday concerns.

While Online therapy has been proven to be very effective for certain mental health issues such as depression, panic disorder and social anxiety, it would not be considered suitable for people with severe mental health conditions, or who are experiencing suicidal ideation. Online therapy works well as a supplement to existing therapy, but depends on the individual needs and severity of the client’s symptoms. This type of therapy requires sufficient understanding of technology, but is considered a convenient option, reducing overhead costs and mobility issues. The first meeting would be an information-gathering session, where Informed Consent would be discussed and agreed on. The elements of Informed consent include the nature of the treatment, therapist fees, confidentiality limitations etc. On-line sessions are offered at a cost of €50.

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