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Weekend Workshops

Journey into Awareness

An inspirational workshop, during which participants will undertake a journey of personal reflection, creative visualization and positive affirmation, based on the works of Anthony de Mello and Jon Kabat-Zinn. Focus will be on the topics of Awareness, Living Confidently in the Moment and the use of experiential techniques. The various spiritual exercises will allow for the exploration of the mystery and beauty of who we are.

Mother and Daughter Relationships

A Mother-daughter relationship can be a source of great comfort during tumultuous periods of development. However, negative relationships may have the opposite effect, leading to additional strain and emotional complications. In this experiential workshop participants will be encouraged to identify and explore the family messages relating to mothers and daughters, experienced in the past and present, and how these may  influence their internal belief system and their lives.  Participants will be invited to explore the impact of earlier dysfunctional mother-daughter relationships which may have resulted in depression, lowered self-esteem, attachment issues or problems with conflict resolution. Participants will be supported in working on hidden negative scripts and messages that may keep them from reaching their full potential.

Living More Consciously in the Moment

Participants will be working with and contemplating on inspirational and spiritual texts from the Sacred Scriptures, the works of Anthony de Mello, John O’Donohue and other inspirational authors.  The aim is to support participants in developing the ability to listen and to encounter the words with the greatest openness possible,  a skill so beautifully described in the rule of St. Benedict of Nursia (480-574)  as an ability to  ‘ listen and attend with the ear of the heart’.

Exploring the child within

The Inner-Child is the part of ourselves where our feelings live. Things that happened to us in childhood remain unhealed in most of us and contribute to conflicts and problems we experience as adults. If there has been trauma during childhood, the gradual accumulation of unfinished mental and emotional issues can lead to chronic anxiety, fear, confusion and unhappiness throughout life because the spontaneous part of a person may be damaged. When any of these deep feelings are touched in daily life, the natural defense mechanism of the inner child to avoid painful experiences may cause individuals to disconnect, react instinctively and behave unreasonably or inappropriately in adult situations. Inner Child work addresses any type of child-pain at a very deep level and has shown to be effective in dealing with parent/child and partner/partner issues because the Inner Child is present in any kind of relationship. Inner Child Work will help to re-parent and reclaim the  inner child so that unconscious beliefs  about self an others can be healed and re-evaluated.

In this two day experiential workshop, participants will  be supported through  a series of practical based exercises to discover ways to heal past hurts and strengthen intra personal relationships and  relationships with others. It explores ,in detail, the role and workings of the inner child and is designed to appeal both to those who are engaging in personal development/ educational work for the first time, as well as practitioners who wish to add to, and deepen their range of experiences and skills when working with their own or a clients’ inner child. 

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