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Psycho-Sexual Counselling & Therapy

Some of the issues that our psychosexual counsellors and therapists typically see in psychosexual therapy range from low libido or erectile disorder to more complicated issues linked to past experiences or medical conditions. Clients are supported in exploring their sexual concerns by means of assessment, psychoeducation and exploring underlying psychological or relational factors, which may include anxiety, depression, or relationship issues.

Treatment may involve behavioural techniques, mindfulness, communication skills training, Cognitive Behavioural strategies and others.  Sexual difficulties can sometimes be linked to past traumas, abuse or negative sexual experiences, in which cases trauma-informed approaches would be used.  In all cases, emotional support is provided and therapy is adapted to the individual’s personal needs.
If you are experiencing any psycho-sexual problems, don’t suffer in silence, please reach out to us today.  You can be assured our experienced psychosexual counsellors and therapists will provide you with confidential, caring and supportive assistance to help you address, cope with and ultimately overcome your psycho-sexual issues.

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